The wide windy waves washed in.
And that's how I became the Sea.
Hi, my name is Spooky! I occasionally do pixel art and very rarely go into some voice acting, all of which you'll find here. Use whichever pronouns you like with me, if you please!


I have been waiting for the day this showed up on Tumblr.

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The Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire stream will be live at 11 AM (London time), on the second of October. You will be able to watch it in the Pokechat.

If you’re wondering about your timezone, you can convert it here.

Please keep in mind that you can only chat if you have made an account for the chat. This takes about 2 minutes. You can sign up here.

Don’t want to watch the stream through the Pokechat? Sure, you can find the official stream here.

Keep in mind, the Pokechat can get quite crowded when these events are one. Last time we had over 200 users. Moderating the chat can be quite hard due to this. Please try to avoid spamming and harassing other users. Thank you very much for your understanding!

My apologies everyone, rather than it starting at 11AM, it starts at 10AM!

Countdown to the stream has started! You can join now in the Pokechat!

The stream will start in 10 minutes!



Not the most graceful, dogs, but I love ‘em.

This is exactly what I needed

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There is no greater Guardians/Parks & Rec gif mashup than this.

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So i was in petco the other day… I walked up to his tank and crouched down and he just came right up to me and—
Helo human person hi.



and I think to myself
what a wonderful world

fall is upon us now. i hope you found the time to prepare yourselves

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any blog that saves me money is a blog i will forever follow

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this is why im so rich and i have so many nice things, youre welcome 



Slowly replacing the negative thoughts with colors and beautiful things.

This is such a beautiful post.


if the theatre fandom is so accepting why is it that i, cats,